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Icon bytorg card.png

Archos's Ice Cave
Magic Resist
25% Magical
50% Air
1% Fire
50% Earth
100% Water
50% Dark
50% Light
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Icon fur.png
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Overview[edit | edit source]

Bytorg the Frostbound an old ancient creature only found inside Archos's Ice Cave

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Bytorg has a total of 3 attack types

  • Ice Breath

This is best countered by dodging to the side as he will only be able to face one direction. He will slam the ground once before breathing ice.

  • Charge

This is easy to counter by sprinting along the edge of the arena as he chases you. He will use this move after he uses either Ice Breath or his AoE Freeze.

  • Large AoE Freeze

This move will always hit at close range. He is guaranteed to use this move when he gets into close range. It is preceded by 2 ground slam animations. Make sure you bring health potions or runes in order to be able to handle it.

One of the easiest ways to beat Bytorg is to kite with a bow or a crossbow while optimally using Bursting Arrows. If this is not your first time facing Bytorg, the Frostblade and it's slow effect will make kiting Bytorg much easier as his charge attack and his movement in general will be much slower after a few hits.

Gallery[edit | edit source]