Estel City

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Estel City.png

Starting location
The Sacred Path
?: 68° Lat, 45° Lon. The Sacred Path

Overview[edit | edit source]

Estel City home to the Elves of Archos.

Vendors[edit | edit source]

Smith Hunter Miner Innkeeper Farmer Architect Wizard Priest
Icon Elidor El'idan.png
Elidor El'idan
Icon taluriel faeliss.png
Taluriel Faeliss
Icon freylith willows.png
Freylith Willows
Icon taluriel faelisss.png
Taluriel Faelisss
Icon zahir du'ravine.png
Zahir Du'ravine
Icon vessali fa'arin.png
Vassali Fa'arin

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Estal City Entrance.png Estal city Central square.png Estal City Central Square BEV.png Estal City Downtown Dis.png Estal City Residential District.png Estal city 2.png Estal city 1.png Estal City Pegasus Statue.png Estal City Royal Quarters.png Estal City Royal Quarters inside.png Estal City left.png Estal City peak.png Estal City right.png