Ice Elemental

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Ice Elemental

Con ice elemental card.png

Achos's frozen mountin

Overview[edit | edit source]

Archos's snow-capped mountains hold no shortage of mysterious creatures, including the embodiment of ice itself, the Ice Elemental. Evolved from the elemental essance of ice, these creatures have adopted perfectly to the environment and are extremely adept at fighting.
~ from the in-game Bestiary

Taming[edit | edit source]

The Ice Elemental\FrostDevil can be tamed. They can be tamed by damaging it until it has less than 20% of health. Once his health is lower than 20% use a Soul Suppress Stone to get its soul. Once you get the Ice Elemental\FrostDevil soul, place the Soul Suppress Stone inside the Summoning Pool with what ever resources it requires to revive it. You will also need Magic Essence to power up the Summoning Pool.

Note: Health example HP.png

General purpose[edit | edit source]

Works as a refrigerator and to protect your base

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