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Overview[edit | edit source]

The general traders located in the starter villages of the Shard of Faith map sell way more randomly than the deals of Sacred Path traders.

Notably you can buy cheap Parachutes and Hang Gliders even on donation level zero, which is the best pseudo-flying tool on that otherwise non-flying Shard of Faith map.

Starter Village Merchants[edit | edit source]

Merchant Race Yield Rate Restock
Human 100% 24:00
Elf 100% 24:00
Dwarf 100% 24:00

Other Location Merchants[edit | edit source]

Merchant Race Main Currency
Bogar Thonn Satyr Campsite Leaf Crest Coins
Bogar Thonn Necromancer's Campsite Ivory Coins

Buying[edit | edit source]

Straw Door, Grass, Berries and more

Selling[edit | edit source]

Hang Gliders, Parachutes, Glass Bottles, Runes, Saddles and more